Loss, Rekindling, & keeping the friendships you got.

Our friendships do not define us. They have a big impact on our daily life, but they do not change our value or worth. Our worth and value are in Jesus Christ! That being said. You need to have friendships, but don’t put your worth or value into the friendship.
Sometimes there are friendships that last, sometimes there are friendships that break because of some fight, or the other person feels like they are “too good” for the other person, or because of some drama, which they all hurt, even if you are at the same fault.

I’ve struggled with losing friends and it’s not a fun stage to be in. Honestly, it is so hard. The things I have done to deal with the friendship loss is,

#1 Pray, #2 Read my Bible, and #3 Talk about the struggle with the person that is the closest to me and #4 Listen to podcast on friendships.

Also, I try not to think about the situation too much, but I’m human and sometimes I do just sit and think about it or what I did wrong in the friendship. I look back now, and the friendships that I did lose I believe it was for the good, and there are some friendships that the friend and I are good now. Which I am really glad that it is. And the friendship isn’t going to be as strong as it was before it broke, but I have come to accept that, even though it is hard.

Once trust is broken. It is going to take quite a while before the “friends” try to rebuild it.
In order for there to be reconciliation, there will more than likely need to be apologies. That is a good starting point.
Once you have apologized and asked for a second chance, you both have to be willing to work for the friendship. A true friendship has to go both ways!
Once you have discussed it once, just leave it be and see where God takes it. You need to pray about it too. But also it is the other person’s choice too and if they decide they don’t want the friendship, it may hurt, but it is also their loss.
Ultimately, you don’t want to invest in a one-sided friendship. Investing into a one-sided friendship isn’t fun, it isn’t easy, and that is a sign that you shouldn’t be in that friendship. God has other friends for you and God has other friends for me too. Trust his timing.
If they decide to give the friendship a second chance, you might even consider asking them what you could do differently the second time around.
Stop and think about why the friendships fell apart, to begin with. Is there a common theme among them? If so, some things have to change.


#1 Pray to God for strength and help to guide you in your friendship.

#2 Constantly try to feed the friendship, Friendship is like a plant, you put the seed into the ground and you constantly have to water it, to grow it and then it sprouts and grows beautifully, if you don’t, it just is going to die.

#3 Be honest about your feelings & your struggles with each other, talk on the phone, write letters, hangout with each other. One thing one of my friends and I did is go through a book of the Bible together and told each other what we thought about the chapter and then we helped each other understand it too. That was fun.

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