Wednesday, July 13th

Woke up and got ready for the day and then read my Bible. Went to the ranch house to help make breakfast. (Part of this breakfast food has to get prepared the night before, so we did that last night too. )

This is called Ranch Manna

We then served breakfast and then after they were all done eating, we then cleaned up and then the work crew ate breakfast, after that we had a short Bible study. We then finished cleaning up and had a little break after that and then started on lunch and served lunch and then ate lunch and went back out to the swimming pond to patrol the children. It was super fun. And then after we were done there, we went and helped with supper and we had supper outside this time, so it was super easy. We had hamburgers.

The work crew then ate supper. And then we had ice cream after supper. and then we hungout and then possibly stayed up a little too late! 🙈 and then went to sleep.


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