Thursday, July 14th

Good morning, woke up a little later than I would normally need to wake up, so that was nice! got ready for the day and read my Bible. Then went to down to the ranch house to help make breakfast. Served breakfast and then cleaned up and then the work crew ate and finished cleaning up the leftover food and dishes all the way. The kids left at 1:30. So we didn’t need to make them lunch either. Had a lazy rest of the day then and then had supper and played games and went on a ride in the side by side to see if we can find any deer or other animals. And then after that it was so late that we went to sleep.


Wednesday, July 13th

Woke up and got ready for the day and then read my Bible. Went to the ranch house to help make breakfast. (Part of this breakfast food has to get prepared the night before, so we did that last night too. )

This is called Ranch Manna

We then served breakfast and then after they were all done eating, we then cleaned up and then the work crew ate breakfast, after that we had a short Bible study. We then finished cleaning up and had a little break after that and then started on lunch and served lunch and then ate lunch and went back out to the swimming pond to patrol the children. It was super fun. And then after we were done there, we went and helped with supper and we had supper outside this time, so it was super easy. We had hamburgers.

The work crew then ate supper. And then we had ice cream after supper. and then we hungout and then possibly stayed up a little too late! 🙈 and then went to sleep.

Tuesday, July 12th

Good morning, Woke up earlier to be able to read my Bible and get ready for the day to be down in the ranch house kitchen to help with breakfast. Breakfast is at 9. I don’t remember what we had for breakfast, but I know it was yummy! After we got breakfast all ready, then you ring the bell and they come in and sit at the dining tables, you would then wait until they all have been seated and then start serving the tables one by one, after they were done eating, we then cleaned up breakfast and the dishes and then the work crew sat down and ate breakfast. After we were done eating breakfast, then we would start on lunch prep. Lunch is at 1. It is lunch time now and so we got the lunch all ready, I believe we had pizza for lunch. I got sang Happy Birthday to by a prankster that was there, even though it wasn’t my birthday. After lunch, another girl and I went and patrolled the swimming in the pond for like 4 hours straight, since they had 4 different groups of kids, after that went and helped with supper and then we served supper and cleaned up and then the work crew at supper. I’m not sure what we had for supper. There was 86 children for this camp.

Monday, July 11th

Good evening. Because there were no guest to be up earlier, i got to sleep a little today, so woke up at 8:30, got ready for the day, read my Bible. we had to be in the main ranch house by 9:00 and then went down to the ranch house and we ate breakfast and then started cleaning the cabins and such around 9:45. Got done around 1ish and then ate lunch and then the campers started arriving. Now we went into the kitchen and started supper prep. It was a good day today.

Sunday, July 10th

Hi all! Today I am going to the Bar M Ranch to work for TWO weeks!!!! Who knows how this is going to go! God only knows, But praying that it will go good! I am so excited and nervous at the same time! I know that its going to be fun and I guess ill have to see what else goes on!

Finally made it to the Ranch!!! Got here around 4 in the afternoon, we got a little bit of rest and we talked over the rules and schedules for the day and for the two weeks ahead. Today we did laundry for the cabins and after that we got supper ready and ate supper. And we also went swimming. When I got to the cabin (that I am staying in for the two weeks that I am here), I got my bed ready and put my clothes away and then got ready for bed and read my Bible and went to sleep.

God’s Grace

Good Morning all! Today the word ” Grace ” has been on my mind and i want to share a few things on what that word means..

What is God’s Grace?

Grace means God sending His only Son to die on the Cross for us so that we could be saved.

Grace, which comes from the Greek New Testament word charis, is God’s unmerited favor. It is kindness from God that we don’t deserve. There is nothing we have done, nor can ever do to earn this favor. It is a gift from God. God’s grace is truly amazing. Not only does it provide for our salvation, it enables us to live an abundant life in Jesus Christ:

Grace that is greater than all our sin. God’s Grace is Marvellous. God shows favor toward the unfavorable, acceptance to the unacceptable, kindness to the undeserving and blessings to the unworthy. 

And here are a few Bible Verses for you to look up on your own!

“This righteousness is given through faith in Jesus Christ to all who believe. There is no difference between Jew and Gentile, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus” (Romans 3:22-24).

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace” (Ephesians 1:7).

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:8-10).

“For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17).

“For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God’s abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ!” (Romans 5:17).

You are Chosen, Loved, and Cherished by God!



Loss, Rekindling, & keeping the friendships you got.

Our friendships do not define us. They have a big impact on our daily life, but they do not change our value or worth. Our worth and value are in Jesus Christ! That being said. You need to have friendships, but don’t put your worth or value into the friendship.
Sometimes there are friendships that last, sometimes there are friendships that break because of some fight, or the other person feels like they are “too good” for the other person, or because of some drama, which they all hurt, even if you are at the same fault.

I’ve struggled with losing friends and it’s not a fun stage to be in. Honestly, it is so hard. The things I have done to deal with the friendship loss is,

#1 Pray, #2 Read my Bible, and #3 Talk about the struggle with the person that is the closest to me and #4 Listen to podcast on friendships.

Also, I try not to think about the situation too much, but I’m human and sometimes I do just sit and think about it or what I did wrong in the friendship. I look back now, and the friendships that I did lose I believe it was for the good, and there are some friendships that the friend and I are good now. Which I am really glad that it is. And the friendship isn’t going to be as strong as it was before it broke, but I have come to accept that, even though it is hard.

Once trust is broken. It is going to take quite a while before the “friends” try to rebuild it.
In order for there to be reconciliation, there will more than likely need to be apologies. That is a good starting point.
Once you have apologized and asked for a second chance, you both have to be willing to work for the friendship. A true friendship has to go both ways!
Once you have discussed it once, just leave it be and see where God takes it. You need to pray about it too. But also it is the other person’s choice too and if they decide they don’t want the friendship, it may hurt, but it is also their loss.
Ultimately, you don’t want to invest in a one-sided friendship. Investing into a one-sided friendship isn’t fun, it isn’t easy, and that is a sign that you shouldn’t be in that friendship. God has other friends for you and God has other friends for me too. Trust his timing.
If they decide to give the friendship a second chance, you might even consider asking them what you could do differently the second time around.
Stop and think about why the friendships fell apart, to begin with. Is there a common theme among them? If so, some things have to change.


#1 Pray to God for strength and help to guide you in your friendship.

#2 Constantly try to feed the friendship, Friendship is like a plant, you put the seed into the ground and you constantly have to water it, to grow it and then it sprouts and grows beautifully, if you don’t, it just is going to die.

#3 Be honest about your feelings & your struggles with each other, talk on the phone, write letters, hangout with each other. One thing one of my friends and I did is go through a book of the Bible together and told each other what we thought about the chapter and then we helped each other understand it too. That was fun.

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❤ Mindy

The Jewel Box

I once read a short story from a book about “The Greatest Jewel Box” In the story the girl wanted a real jewel box full of shiny necklaces and rings. Her mother couldn’t afford to buy her a jewel box full of jewelry. So the mother thought of a greater idea. To get her daughter a Bible. Because the Bible is more shiner, more precious, more valuable then real jewels. Its a Book full of Precious Jewels and Gems.

In the Book you will find Pearls, Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and other precious jewels. The way to find them is to look for beautiful sentences beginning with P for pearls, R for rubies, E for emeralds, and D for diamonds. I can think of a Pearl. 1st John Chap. 4:18 ” Perfect love casteth out fear” I found that there is a whole string of pearls in Psalms 148 and 150. Go search for them on your own! R is for rubies ” Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy ” Exodus 20:8 D is for diamonds, ” Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart” psalms 37:4. E is for emeralds, ” Every Good and perfect gift is from above. And cometh down from the Father ” James 1: 17
Here is another Ruby ” Rest in the Lord, wait patiently for Him” psalms 37:7 S is for Sapphire, a message from Jesus Himself, “Surely I come quickly” Revelations 22:20 There is another Emerald in the same verse. ” Even so, come, Lord Jesus”. You see this is the worlds richest treasure chest. And it will never grow old!


When He cometh, when He cometh, To make up His jewels, All His jewels, precious jewels, His loved and His own, (REFRAIN) REFRAIN: Like the stars of the morning, His bright crown adorning, They shall shine in their beauty, Bright gems for His crown. Amen. He will gather, He will gather the gems for His kingdom; All the pure ones, all the bright ones, His loved and His own. (REFRAIN) Little children, little children, Who love their Redeemer, Are the jewels, precious jewels, His loved and His own. ( REFRAIN)

You see, We are His jewels and gems that shine bright in His crown! We are His Precious, Chosen, Redeemed, Loved, Cherished Children!

I hope your enjoyed this post and please look for more precious jewels in your own Bible! ❤

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And they shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him. MALACHI 3:17

Prayer is a Powerful thing!

Prayer is so Powerful!

Have you ever climbed into bed and you forgot to pray that night and you just lay there for hours tossing and turning in your bed because you couldn’t sleep?

That happened to me last night, I was trying so hard to go to sleep, laying awake for hours on end, when suddenly out of no where I had this thought pop in my head. “Mindy, you forgot to pray”..

I don’t know how I forgot to pray, you know that was God’s voice telling me that, He wants us to pray to him ALL THE TIME!! I heard a pastor not that long ago, say “pray 7 times a day”. That is good for all of us! Another time I heard another person say ” God doesn’t care if you are mad or angry, He wants us to pray to Him either way! He doesn’t only want us to pray to Him in the Good times but also in the Bad times. You may think that you are worthy enough to pray to God, or you may think that your prayers are cheesy and that God doesn’t want them. God doesn’t care what your prays are, it doesn’t matter if they are small, cheesy, or BIG, God wants all of your prayers. You are worthy enough to pray to Him!❤❤

“Cast all your cares on Him, for he careth for you.”

Dear God, Thank you for today, Thank you for a Good Night of sleeping, Thank you for waking me up today. Please help me get through this day and help my family to get through this day. Thank you for my family and friends, Thank you for our house, our food, our clothes, our church. Thank you for the people that read my blog and help them to want to pray to you! thank you for PRAYER! Thank you for YOU and Your Son Jesus Christ! ❤🙂 I love you! In JESUS name, AMEN.

Love you all and I hope and pray that this post helped you!

❤ Mindy

Pray for those who lost their loved ones.

Please watch this short video that i put on YouTube.

We don’t understand God’s plan for our life and for what happens to the people in our life. But I STILL BELIEVE in Amazing Grace That There’s Power in the Blood That He walks with me and He talks with me THAT BECAUSE HE LIVES I can face tomorrow All Because of THE OLD RUGGED CROSS.